Igniting passion for a better self.
Originating as a clothing line, we realised our potential to be something greater.
To help shift an idea into a movement.
We can all be kings and queens in this life when we take responsibility of our
attitudes and mentalities, when we step up our standards, when we build
upon discipline, and be mindful that we are all in this together.
Life is short and tomorrow is not promised.
What's stopping you from living a fulfilling life?
What are you allowing to get in the way?
Suicide rates in men around Australia, and the world, are scarily increasing
each year. These absolute legends at Talk2MeBro have a passion, a mission,
to change the statistics and encourage, and educate, our young men with some
skills to be open to listening to their brothers tough mental battles, but also to
let our men know that 'it ain't weak to speak'.
#Talk2MeBro are a non-for-profit organisation that goes around to schools and
work places to talk to our students, labourers, and employees, to spread
awareness of men's mental health and to break the negative stigma that makes
men believe they're less of a man if they become emotional or can't handle their
mental battles on their own.
100% of the proceeds generated from our #Talk2MeBro collection goes straight
towards this organisation. Mental health education is highly important to
implement into our men, and helping to back up this movement is an honour.